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Miniaturization. It’s a word we’ve become accustomed to over the last few decades. We’ve heard that computers that took up whole rooms half a century ago can now easily fit on to a microchip that sits on the tip of your finger. But what if we could go even much, much smaller than that? There are researchers who are trying to do just this. Their Field is called nanotechnology. It is derived from the word nanometer. Nanotechnology is a broad tern that describes many approaches to measurement tools, production methods, and devices that operate on that scale f one-billionth meter. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. That’s a thousand, million times smaller than a meter.

The major research objectives in molecular nanotechnology are the design, modeling, and fabrication of molecular machines and molecular devices. While the ultimate objective mist clearly is economical fabrication, present capabilities preclude the manufacture of any but the most rudimentary molecular structures. The design and modeling of molecular machines is, however, quite feasible with present technology. More to the point, such modeling is a cheap and easy way to explore the truly wide range of, molecular machines that are accessible, allowing the rapid evaluation and elimination of obvious dead ends and the retention and more intensive analysis of moiré promising designs. It is clear that the right computational support will substantially reduce the development time. Worth appropriate molecular CAD software, molecular modeling software (including available computational chemistry packages, e.g., molecular mechanics, semi empirical and abs iritic programs} and related tools, we can plane the development of molecular manufacture systems on a computer just as Boeing might “build” and “fly” a new plane a computer before actually manufacturing it .

Download Full Article nanotechnology

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